16 Point Inspection

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Our service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you pay nothing
  1. Balance your thermostat and humidistat to ensure they are reading proper temperature.
  2. Clean or replace your existing air filter with a washable filter at no additional cost.
  3. Inspect all visible duct work for ordertramadol.org leaks, separations and microbial growth.
  4. Clean and inspect evaporator coil in place (if reasonably accessible and not impacted)
  5. Flush out drain pan and lines.
  6. Add algaecide tablets to drain pan to prevent lines from clogging.
  7. Inspect heating assembly.
  8. Oil and lubricate all oil-able motors.
  9. Check the amperage draws on all motors to ensure the unit is not using too much electricity.
  10. Clean condenser coil and cabinet.
  11. Check Freon / Puron pressures.
  12. We will add vibration pads to your condensing unit if you don’t have them (where applicable) to reduce any noise at no additional charge.
  13. Check supply and return plenums on air handler for leaks.
  14. Inspect and test all safety equipment.
  15. Tighten all electrical connections and inspect system for loose or frayed wiring.
  16. Inspect copper line sets, insulation and cover.

Our 16 Point Inspection is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you pay nothing.

Lic.# CAC1813574