Action’s Areas of Expertise

From the hot days in the summer to the chilly nights in the winter, Action Cooling and Heating Inc’s full service lineup will ensure that your family will be comfortable throughout the entire year. Action Cooling and Heating Inc’s expert technicians have the experience and knowledge to accurately spot potential future problems and will recommend preventative measures to take that will guarantee a worry free life for your air conditioning unit.

Preventive Maintenance

Action Cooling and Heating Inc’s maintenance experts will provide you with a scheduled maintenance plan and guidlines that will keep your air conditioning system running at it’s best year round.

High Efficiency Replacements

Upgrading to a more efficient A/C system will not only improve the quality of the air in your home but will help lower your electric bills. Contact us to review your current system and make recommendations based on your needs and budget.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

50% of all illnesses are either cause by, or aggravated by, polluted indoor air (American College of Allergists). Action Cooling & Heating Inc. specializes in improving the quality of air in the homes of their customers helping them feel better every day.

Repairs and Warranty Work

Never worry about an A/C problem again! Action Cooling and Heating Inc’s technicians are fully trained on all manufacturers and will gladly make any necessary repairs on your system. We perform repairs and warranty work on ALL manufacturers.

High Performance Duct Cleaning

Throughout the life of an AC system, dust may accumulate on the inner walls of the AC ducts running through your home. Cleaning these ducts will improve the systems performance as well as promote cleaner air in your living space.

Safety Equipment and Energy Savings

A sincere concern for our customers is what helps set us apart from the competition. Upon reviewing your current home’s AC system, we can provide ideas on how to help you save energy each month which means you’ll also be saving money.

Air Quality Testing and Remediation

Concerned that the quality of the air in your home is not up to par? Action Cooling and Heating Inc.’s technicians have the proper equipment and expertise to diagnose any air problems that may be present and can help explain steps to be taken to cure the problem.

Air Quality Filtration

A key component to ensuring top quality air in your home is the implementation of a filtration system to block impurities from circulating.

Action Cooling and Heating Inc’s 16 Point Inspection

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Our 16 Point Inspection is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you pay nothing.
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Why Choose Us?

  • We are an industry leader with over 30 years experience.
  • We are dedicated to providing expert service for customers.
  • We are serving 32000 customers, Action is the right choice.
  • We are the most complete A/C system company in the area.
  • We are always growing and moving forward in A/C repair.

What Client’s Say

“After dealing with your company I now have a better understanding of how important it is to keep our unit serviced. I would recommend your company to anyone.”
Shirley M
“I would definitely recommend Action Cooling & Heating to anyone looking to increase there efficiency and dependability. It has been a pleasure working with your company.”
Doug M, Sanibel Island, FL
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