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(Indoor Unit) Air Handler / Duct Work

  1. Check evaporator coil fins and condition
  2. Check evaporator cooling coil for restrictions
  3. Clean evaporator coil surface if accessible and not impacted
  4. Condensate drain pan inspected
  5. Condensate drain line blown out or vacuum
  6. Add algae tablets condensate drain pan
  7. Check condensate overflow safety switches
  8. Disinfect interior cabinet insulation and coil
  9. Inspect Expansion valve / metering device and blub
  10. Check Electric heater, voltage and amperage
  11. Test Electric heater air temperature rise
  12. Check Blower motor circuit boards
  13. Check Blower motor fan relay
  14. Check Blower motor run capacitor
  15. Test Blower motor amperage draw
  16. Verify blower wheel condition and balance
  17. Verify all breaker / fuse / wiring sizes to NEC codes
  18. Clean or replace Return air filter and advise
  19. Test Thermostat / Humidistat operation
  20. Check Indoor temperature and relative humidity
  21. Verify proper air duct sizes for optimum air flow
  22. Visually inspect ductwork, supply and return plenums for any leaks, separations and microbial growth for air quality

(Outdoor Unit) Condenser

  1. Check condenser coil fins and condition
  2. Clean outdoor condenser unit
  3. Test Compressor run capacitor
  4. Test Compressor start capacitor
  5. Check Compressor potential relay
  6. Run Test Compressor time delay relay
  7. Check Compressor contactor relay
  8. Test Compressor amperage draw
  9. Check Condenser fan motor blade setting and balance
  10. Test Condenser fan motor run capacitor
  11. Check Condenser fan motor amperage draw
  12. Inspect Electrical disconnect wiring and verify voltage
  13. Tighten All electrical connections high / low voltage
  14. Verify all breaker / fuse / wiring sizes to NEC codes
  15. Check Refrigerant pressures to factory specs (freon / puron)
  16. Inspect Refrigerant line set and line set cover
  17. Check Suction and liquid line temperatures
  18. System check to current code
  19. Check overall equipment condition
  20. Check Heat pump control circuit board (where applicable)
  21. Inspect Heat pump suction accumulator (where applicable)
  22. Check Heat pump expansion valve (where applicable)

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